Structuring of Multi Source Data

By streamlining the process of data-analysis; Inniti helps empower healthcare organizations to easily sort through the huge health data influx. With nearly 11 years of experience across diverse segments of insurance; Inniti has set up a proficient team; highly adept in supporting carriers, reinsurers and brokers.

By combining our cloud-based solutions with big data analytics, along with team skilled in multi data structuring and decision analysis, our customers gain in-depth insights - from process management to risk identification.

Inniti’s data analytics facilitates organizations to manage their patients and members better by identifying - risk factors, gaps in service, and areas of improvement. Though healthcare data analysis may take time, Inniti’s analytic tools will greatly help in structuring this process.

Analytic Tools

The last decade or more has seen a tremendous change in the amount of data generated, however, along with it the analytic tools that help arrive at powerful insights have also evolved. With Inniti you acquire access to powerful analytic tools.

Insurers with massive amount of data need to rely on precise evaluation of risk and means of shifting through all types of data to arrive at accurate conclusions. At Inniti we apply analytics during data analysis to improve business perceptions and performance.

All of Inniti’s business processes management (BPM) solutions are embedded with powerful analytics, which provide clients with accurate data, information at a glance, and timely insights to make real time and informed business decisions.

Inniti data analytics and your business

  • Improved revenue growth with informed decision support for underwriters; eliminating errors and risk by nearly 90%.
  • Increase in employee productivity with accurate insights into operation management at the right time.
  • Actual and reliable information of customer to ensure accurate contract management.

Maintain your competitive edge with Inniti’s actionable information!

Analytics as a Service

  • Market Intelligence
  • Business Research and Analytics
  • Directory Services (white pages and yellow pages)
  • Social Media Monitoring and Analytics
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Contracts Drafting, Review and Management
  • Litigation Support
  • Legal Process Services

Rely on Inniti analytics for demonstrated and measurable impact…