Application Upgradation

Inniti’s application up-gradation services work with new technologies to help lessen cost and risk of a client. Our services provide various customer solutions to cater to their specific needs. The process starts from assessment and planning to execution and implementation right up to post execution support.

Our clients today face increasing challenges and we at Inniti work towards providing them the best possible solutions. Amidst regulatory and compliance changes, new technological needs, shortage of skills, and other challenges - our end to end services allow our customers to choose from a variety of choices like application re-engineering, alteration, relocation and so on.

With years of handling huge application modernization solutions Inniti is equipped to offer right solutions in a cost effective manner. Our team is continuously upgrading their skills to offer new and updated products and services which comply with regulatory changes. Besides this, we also offer services like converting from unsupported technologies to more modern ones, helping preserve critical business processes and improving standardization and simplification.

Creating Connectors

Insurance Industry has large investments made since early days of information technology. Many of those investments are still...

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Creating Middleware Components

With growing business complexity and regulatory necessity, many sub systems are to be connected for better communication between the...

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Migration from Legacy Systems

We will be able assist in defining an optimal porting and migration strategy from your old and legacy systems. We can do this in collaborative...

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