Revenue Cycle Management

Inniti provides innovative strategies and insights for the healthcare industry and commits to a successful outcome. The expertise we possess helps to offer integrated solutions in technology, services and consultancy. Inniti makes possible the optimization of costs and assures the quality of deliverables.

Medical Coding
Assigning right codes, from Medical documentation, CPT codes, system suggested codes in ICD 10 are our concern. Our error rate due to Coding error is less than 1%, and we understand how important it is to represent your service precisely for reimbursements.

Medical Billing -
Keeping in mind Modifiers, POS Claims are generated and submitted with utmost care. Timely submission within 24 hours and tracking Clearing house rejections is the way we manage effective Billing practices.

Charge Entry-
An error free patient demographic form with accurate information for claim submission to ensure clean claims. Our team has a clean claim ratio of over 95% and comply with all state & federal regulations. clearing house reports are shared with you to track accuracy and efficiency. A random quality audit is conducted using statistical data.

We advise all our clients to take the benefit of technology and enroll for ERA. Our biggest advantage lies in working on advanced electronic remittance which includes denials, overpayments and underpayments, automatic crossover, secondary remittance etc.

Accounts Receivables-
A constant flow of revenue is a sign of a healthy business and prompt reimbursement is the key. Revenues received timely are the real lifeline of the practice. We, at Inniti focus on reducing days in accounts receivable and improve profitability. We employ a timely and rigorous follow up and take necessary action to collect unpaid claims. We are aware of the intricacies of accounts receivables and strive to keep an average age of 35 days or less.

Denial Management-
A denial management process in place enables financial success of a practice. Analyzing Denials, gauging the root cause of the denial and getting paid is a demanding task, however done with consistency and regularly, gets the job done. Appeals, a part of denials is equally important wherein explanation for the claims sent earlier is put forth and reasons and condition on the grounds of which the claim is eligible again for payment. In just managing Appeals guarantees 8% additional revenues annually. Most practices lose out on a lot of revenue because they do not appeal to denied claims. Inniti prioritize claims on the basis of quantity and revenue and handles Denials efficiently.

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