Fraud Detection

Though it may be difficult to predict future trends in fraudulent activities, Inniti works towards being as creative as possible by using a combination of approaches along with predictive analysis, to increase chances of recognizing any fraudulent activities in advance. With mounting challenges like balancing customer service objectives with inadequate resources, inaccurate data and reduced finances, make it even more difficult to fight fraud. Inniti's approach to this includes varied detection techniques and utilization of the right technology.

To detect fraud we also apply predictive modeling, advanced fraud analytics, improved investigator efficiency for higher accuracy and assessment of all claims in the initial stages itself to quickly recognize suspicious activities that help prevent large losses from the beginning.

Besides this structured and unstructured data, sources are integrated along with creating a highly secure cloud environment to enhance information credibility.

Our fraud detection model can help deliver quicker ROI, offering a complete solution to clients for fraud management, allowing them to detect and prevent any type of fraud across various types of businesses.

Our advanced risk analytics solutions help Insurers to:

  • Proactively detect claims fraud for health, life, auto and P&C claims
  • Identify new kinds of fraud, often before the organization is aware they have occurred
  • Create prioritized claims lists and targeting tools
  • Support effective fraud and abuse strategies focused on providers, claimants and claims that are most likely abusing systems and programs
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