Property & Casualty Insurance

Inniti’s Property & Casualty Insurance service provides insurance agencies with a variety of innovative services, along with analytical products to perfectly deliver solutions that will help providers with streamlined claims management services, quotes through analytical approach and property damage estimations.

It is essential for insurance agencies to maintain healthy profit margins and robust claim reserves to remain solvent during cyclical economic times, market volatility and in anticipation for high claim payouts, if large-scale natural and man-made disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, terrorism, etc. happen.

Through research we have found that the main reason for insurance company’s failure to happily reach a settlement is inadequate pricing and inaccurately estimating the amount that should be set aside to pay claims and not invest in problems.

Inniti’s end-to-end P & C insurance handling process includes unwavering dedication to fast, fair and efficient claims handling procedure, quality underwriting, superior customer service and an unparalleled core insurance service program that provides a competitive advantage to payers, while ensuring the financial stability of the company.

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Role of Inniti in Processing Property & Casualty Claims

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Natural Calamities do not come with Prior Notice, but our services do