Help Desk Management

Inniti’s service also offers insurance companies an outsourced after sales service to help keep your customers happy post sales. We hope to attain maximum customer satisfaction by quick resolution of their queries. Our services include – continuous help desk support, web-based self service, customer support, warranty management and technical support.

Our services have helped significantly contribute towards our customers bottom-line; as an enhanced customer experience helps retain customers and in turn also increases the profitability. We have incorporated predictive customer service through data analysis and also have an in-built solution framework which can quickly handle general customer queries. Benefits which can be accrued from our services include-

  • Increased customer satisfaction and stability.
  • Reduction in operational expenditure.
  • Streamlined management processes.
  • Reduction in fraudulent claims and costs.
  • Ability to constantly assess and enhance service performance.
  • Better insights of after sales business through data analysis
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