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In insurance vertical, the key factor among the various players is the level of services offered to their customers. Insurance being one of largest industry in terms of customer base, the real challenge for the organizations is to retain the policy holders, as retention is directly proportional to better customer service. Due to immense competition and growth in volumes, insurers should be a position to manage these volumes and serve their customers better.

Inniti’s with up-to-date and upgraded insurance service system offers provides not only voice, but also back office and data services. Our web based software solution offers everything that you need to operate an insurance company, along with significant cost savings. Our group of skilled employees looks into all aspects of an insurance, right from front office processes like voice to various back end services done offline including renewals, amendments and endorsements. Some of our offline undertaking processes include- billing solutions; policy administration; claims processing and analytical services.

At Inniti Alliance, we understand that to your business, the bottom line is the bottom line. That’s why we do all that we can to help businesses of all sizes to reduce the real operating cost of insurance. Our comprehensive and consultative approach looks beyond insurance premiums to help solve your critical risk challenges, formulate loss control solutions and provide claims handling services so you spend less protecting your assets in the long run.

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