Benefit Validation

Our Benefit Validation process transforms your manual process using voice based, online and response based automation. We help provide an integrated platform for communication to all parties - providers, members and internal processing staff. This helps streamline your complex business process. Our validation tool is connected to a wide range of databases and along with validation rule creation and storage facilities ensuring adherence to the industry's regulatory requirements, we can deliver accurate & verified information in real-time or high-volume batches with easily accessible benefit information.

Our Benefit Validation Service in Healthcare brings credibility and standardization to outcome claims. We, at Inniti Alliance, offer a critical component to build a healthy Revenue Cycle Management process & increase operational efficiency

Member Database Validation: Our database validation service will add not just intelligence to the electronic billing validation process but also deliver benefits to - by enhancing and increasing the first time pass-rate success and reduce potential suspense time for processing of the medical bills.

Online Confirmation: Our service enables the insurer to streamline & make accessible online confirmation of patient’s information submitted by the healthcare providers & catch fraud at its earliest.

With an approach that allows Inniti to progressively transform core processes and update/integrate legacy systems, we can help lower delivery time, decrease risk, and reduce delivery costs.

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