Claims Analytics

Inniti Alliance Claims Analytics solution empowers Insurance organizations to aggregate structured and unstructured datasets across each sub-step and drive impact, using both predictive and prescriptive analytical frameworks. We can create customized models of claim analytics for each insurer based on the key factors that impact their business, and are able to work with multiple systems involved in the claims cycle and process large amounts of structured and unstructured data recorded historically.

Inniti presents efficient & unique statistics analytic reviews for improving organizational performance.


Fraud Detection

Over the past 11 years Inniti has helped protect clients against insurance claims fraud. In the U.S. Insurance payors sometimes may end up paying nearly $60 billion in fraudulent claims annually making it imperative to protect against such a liability; due to which we are constantly boosting the quality of our insurance fraud detection processes.

Renewals tracking

Our risk managers at this step collect risk exposure data while assessing and managing renewals tracking. Our software helps automate and support real-time tracking and reminders to ascertain completion of renewals.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis team helps insurance payors deliver improved payment accuracy; cost effective services within shorter turnaround time.

Data Integration and Business Insights

Data systems at Inniti offer a cost effective advantage for insurance companies by lowering their cost of hardware, software and training of staff. Inniti experts know that even a small mistake can at times lead to tens of thousands of dollars of loss within a few hours, which is why we follow thorough quality checks. To help offer effective business insights we offer an all-inclusive online reporting; while our idleness tracking systems ensures that all documents are accounted for throughout the entire data processing cycle. Real time online information helps clients improve their business outcome and control their business in a more efficient manner .

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