Contract Management

Inniti Alliance Contract Management services help insurance organizations to develop a centralized and fully automated system to process and manage contracts and all subsequent requests. Built on Inniti’s Business Process Management (BPM) systems, it delivers speed and accuracy across the contract lifecycle.

The system creates a centralized repository of contract information and provides business user with role-based access to sensitive contract data and documents. It then orchestrates this information across departments using an advanced workflow engine that automates critical business processes.

Our service provides enterprise wide contract management features like;

  • A comprehensive inventory system
  • A database system from which contract details can be retrieved easily;
  • Reduced costs through timely compliance
  • Easily integrated with back office systems
  • Real time view about upcoming contract details.

Inniti's Contract Management services equip insurers to manage the contract lifecycle right from request to authorization and from renewal to expiry. Also our easy and up to date automated process helps maximize and improve the work flow.

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