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The one thing worse than filling out an Insurance enrollment form is, filling the same form one over and over again. Inniti’s end-to-end insurance enrollment services help in making the preliminary process simpler by offering customers an enhanced enrollment experience, while we help in optimize the accuracy. Insurance Enrollment Services include receiving, evaluating, understanding and finally entering customer data. The services also include revision of demographic, delayed and proportional alterations.

A Value-added Enrollment Process…

Insurance companies benefit from our enrollment practices in numerous ways like:

  • The single database makes retrieving accurate, current and prior-year customer reports.
  • Enrollment wizards facilitate the setup and modification of plans and eligibility rules.
  • Enrollment requirements are uploaded directly so everyone has easy access, negating the need for printing and postage.
  • Enrollment tools also work for the participants, allowing them to compare plan features and options, and make plan selections in one place.
  • With data verification tools available with us, our team makes sure that all the information put in by the insured stands true.
  • If any fields are missing users will get an immediate notification. Also, any changes or updates can be made online.
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