Policy Administration

Policy Administration being the first process during the claims management process is very crucial considering it forms the basis of the claims management process. We have a thorough and well setup process which looks into all the policy formalities efficiently.



Our enrollment process including group set-up and member enrollment applies web-enabled verification and electronic processing translating into an efficient and updated process. Clients enrollment rules and rates for groups and members is of utmost importance at Inniti; ensuring members online enrollment through a secure and well protected method.

Policy Documentation

Information and data is captured and checked keenly, there are many minute details that need to be looked into prior to concluding if an individual is covered by a particular policy.

Eligibility Validation

Inniti uses OCR and other updated technology which can extract 80% of the forms, allowing quick analysis during registration and eligibility check. Verification and accurate evaluation play an integral role in our eligibility process.

Provider network management

Our inbuilt software works as a complete provider network management tool for payer organizations. The software, automates many features like contract modeling, contract execution, claims pricing and payment bundling to offer payers cost effective and efficient network. Offering features such as ICD-10 compliance to payers and end-to-end network management solution our service helps payers receive prompt and timely returns.

Policy Renewals

At Inniti we make sure our risk managers take the required time to ponder over coverage proposals of insurers to help in effective planning and management of insurance renewals helping in eliminating any errors during the initial stage itself.

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