Claims Processing

As the Insurance industry continues to prosper on a global scale, insurance providers are faced with the great challenge of maintaining the highest quality of services, while still managing administrative tasks for business operations. Inniti Alliance is among the leading insurance claims processing companies, which provides high quality insurance claims processing outsourcing services that allows multiple claims to be handled quickly and efficiently in minimal time.

The insurance industry is facing the stiff challenge of improving and enhancing their business efficiency in the face of great competition, market uncertainties, increased regulatory compliances and other factors. Insurance claim processing is one of the major functions that is being outsourced by insurance providers. Outsourcing insurance claims processing can help to streamline complex business processes, improve profitability and visibility, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Claims Investigation

With our past experience we recognize that each claim is different and each form and claim requires to be assessed thoroughly to insure 100% accuracy. Our team while investigation has built their own process and systems; but also has experience of working with several systems like EMC’s Captiva, Trizetto Facets and EMC’s Action Point.

Data processing

Our data experts have a keen eye on which claims need to be rejected, changed or approved.

Case Settlement

We believe that claims settlement is a very important aspect of the running of an insurance company; as the member expects a quick settlement which meet their expectation. That’s why each case settlement is managed as part of a business transaction at Inniti and through effective and easily handled interfaces.

Claims Adjudication

At Inniti we believe that this process is best handled by experts specially trained on the claims adjudication process. Claims payment and repricing being a complicated and detailed process our team of experts who are looking into the adjudication process have over the years developed an inbuilt proprietary claims system which helps bring about quicker and accurate results.

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